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Thomas Pollock Anshutz was an American portrait and genre painter of Naturalism of the 19th century.
Born: 05 October 1851 in Newport, Kentucky, USA
Died: 16 June 1917 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Thomas Pollock Anshutz completed his education as a painter at the Pennsylvania Academy in Philadelphia. Above all, he is known for his unique and very popular teaching activity. He is rated as the best student of Thomas Eakins, the chair of whom he takes over later. After managing this art college for a brief period, in 1898, he founds the Darby School of Painting together with Hugh Henry Breckenridge. In addition to many rather muted colored genre pictures and few quite expressive watercolors, Thomas Pollock Anshutz mainly becomes famous through his painting “Steelworkers’ Noontime” (1880–1882), which is the first painting depicting American industrial workers. In his teaching classes, Thomas Pollock Anshutz dedicates special attention to the study of nature, nude drawing and the inclusion of photography. Among his pupils, there are the future founders of the Ashcan School, of which he can, for sure, be considered the pioneer.
Thomas Pollock Anshutz

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Thomas Pollock Anshutz - paintings