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When looking through exhibitions and art galerries showing works from specific artists - most of us notice that there is no real connection to these works of art. The question is: Why can't we have oil paintings created to our own individual wishes? Experience shows that when the request is made to artists and galleries ? the answer is the same ? either paintings are not made to order or the cost is so high and the quality questionable. This is where the idea came ? to found a company catering for exactly this area. We have contacted renowned national and international artists prepared to create works of art to your specifications - on high quality canvas with non-fading oil colours.

We create oil paintings according to your individual requests. These can be paintings of family, friends, animals etc. We also have a huge archive of over 10.000 themes “old masters and 1.000 other themes for your home, office etc. We recently added the painting of historic themes to our portfolio.

Contact us if you are interested in our services.

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John Martin Pandemonium Painting on commission

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