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Lovis Corinth, whose work combines influences of many styles, was the most important German painter and graphic designer of the 19th century.
Born on July 21, 1858 in Tapiau, East Prussia.
Died on July 17, 1925 in Zandvoort.
In his early work, Lovis Corinth remained focused on conventional still life and genre scenes. He studied at the Königsberg Art Academy. At the Munich Art Academy and by the acquaintance with Leibl, Corinth got familiar with Realism. After protesting against the art of the academies by means of his, at this time, Expressionist-inspired paintings, however, he changed towards plein-air painting from 1892, creating German Impressionism together with Liebermann and Slevogt.
Lovis Corinth

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Lovis Corinth - paintings