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Jean Beraud - Paintings

Jean Beraud was a French portrait and genre painter of the Third Republic, as they call it in France.
Born on December 31, 1849 in St. Petersburg.
Died 1935 in Paris.
Jean Beraud who was born to French parents in St. Petersburg had moved back to Paris already before he attended high school. After studying law and after military service during the German siege of Paris, he went to Léon Bonnat for apprenticeship. Already two years after the commencement of his apprenticeship, he successfully presented his works in the Salon. In his early work, Jean Beraud, who became in particular known for his modern-looking, very small-scale scenes of everyday life, was a popular portrait painter of aristocratic women. In addition to that, he also made illustrations for contemporary books. In contrast to the usually large-scale salon paintings of his fellow painters, Beraud attracted a lot of attention with his technically very well executed Paris everyday-life scenes. Despite of this, his work and life fell into oblivion, a faith he shares with many highly praised salon artists who had been awarded with medals.
Jean Beraud

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Jean Beraud - paintings