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Online-Service - follow the creation of your painting

Follow the creation of your painting online free of charge. During the course of your assignment you will receive an Email (large assignments will be followed up with several Emails upon request and free of charge). This means you can see the progress being made and take part in the creation of your painting.

You may also participate in the creation by changing backgrounds, facial expressions, clothing and other details. Are you interested? If so, please let us know upon ordering your painting.


Künstler Step 1
First the contours are pre-painted on the canvas.
Step 2
After that, the finer details and shadings are drawn.
Kaiser Wilhelm Gemälde
Step 3
In the first-step, the painting gets the first layer of quality oil-color.
Step 4
In the next step, further details are drawn.
Deutscher Kaiser
Step 5
With the third layer, the painting is completed. Here all details and shadings are drawn in the most exact way.
The final control
After the completion, our chief of department, Mr. Bergmann checks every painting personally and only hands it down to the framing studio and to the dispatching department if he is satisfied with the quality of the paintings.
Kaiser Deutschland


Leopold von Dessau und seine Anna Liese




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